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This heart icon indicates the Independent Fashion Retailer is following our recommended Happiness and Limited Warranty Policies for returns & damages. You can read more about our Happiness Policy here and our Limited Warranty Policy here.


The Find-A-Retailer Tool is only intended to be used by consumers interested in locating an Independent Fashion Retailer to purchase LuLaRoe-branded clothing. The Find-A-Retailer Tool should not be used for any other purpose. LuLaRoe cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy of the Find-A-Retailer Tool because the tool is not updated in real time and does not reflect all current Retailers.

The Find-A-Retailer Tool reflects information by Independent Fashion Retailers who have voluntarily opted to share and publish their information, and does not contain information about Independent Fashion Retailers who have chosen not to share their information. Thus, the Find-A-Retailer Tool is not a comprehensive list of all current Independent Fashion Retailers at any given time or in any given location.