See that Pin Icon? Each pin represents one randomly-selected Independent Fashion Retailer within your selected area. Refreshing your search may generate a different, randomly-selected Independent Fashion Retailer that is also within your selected area. The Pin Icon does not represent the total number of Independent Fashion Retailers that may exist in any area, including your selected area.

This heart icon indicates the Independent Fashion Retailer is following our recommended Happiness and Limited Warranty Policies for returns & damages. You can read more about our Happiness Policy here and our Limited Warranty Policy here.


The Retailer Map is only intended to be used by consumers who want to locate an Independent Fashion Retailer within a selected location. The Retailer Map should not be used for any other purpose. For example, existing Independent Fashion Retailers and persons who are thinking about becoming an Independent Fashion Retailer should not use the Retailer Map for any purpose whatsoever. Although LuLaRoe makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the Retailer Map reflects accurate information, the Retailer Map does not reflect information in real time and therefore, LuLaRoe cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy of the Retailer Map.

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*The term “All” in the view icon above does not represent every Independent Fashion Retailer that exists in your selected area. Independent Fashion Retailers have the option to participate in the Retailer Map, and not all participate. The term “All” refers to Independent Fashion Retailers in your selected area who participate in the Retailer Map. It does not refer to Independent Fashion Retailers who do not participate in the Retailer Map and thus, will not appear in your search.